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My name is Randy, but you have to call me Dragon. I'm a 38 year old father, ENFP, and Enneagram Type 7.  I was born lost, equipped with an unquenchable thirst for purpose. I've forever been on an endless quest to solve life's mystery. To find the deeper meaning in everything I do. I have to know what makes things tick, and how it's related to this other thing that ticks, and how those ticks then relate to the bigger picture. I overthink everything and I think all the time. But just thinking isn't enough sometimes. I'm a hands-on, turning thoughts into the tangible, kind of person. I have to see it. Hear it, taste it, feel it. So I do it. I'm spontaneous and very unorthodox. I'm obsessed with people and the human psyche and thus I’ve found a love for creating things that evoke emotion. I imagine all this is why along the way I've tried my hands at so many things and also why I've yet to become a master at any. Who wants ice cream?

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