It all started when I was 12 years old listening to No Diggity on the local radio station. I’ve always been a finger tapping drummer, but this time while tapping the rather simple Dr. Dre drum pattern I noticed something.  The hi hats.  Now I had no idea what the heck a hi hat was, but when I realized I could tap three drum instruments at once I instantly wanted a drum kit. Unfortunately it wasn’t my birthday or Christmas so I went online looking for a free virtual one.  What I discovered was my first taste of a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) called Hammerhead.  I went beat crazy churning out at least 5 a day.


Then one day one of my dad’s friends was over and overheard one, come to find out he was a rapper.  So I did what any 13 year old would do in the 90's and invited him over later that night to record some raps using my karaoke mic I plugged into my PC. One thing lead to another and eventually I was making beats for all the rappers in my apartment complex. I was hooked. THIS is what I wanted to do for a living.  So I decided to buy Fruity Loops (Now FL Studio) and started learning it for nights on end.


I never really stopped making music after that.  During the MySpace era I went real heavy on it and started collaborating and remixing with other MySpace artists. In 2010 I put together my first (and only) full length instrumental album, but soon after that my desire to make music just slowly dwindled until here we are now in 2016 and I can count on 4 fingers how many songs I’ve made in the last 4 years. I really don’t have time to make music anymore. Having two kids and trying to be involved in their life and school has sort of forced me to choose my hobbies more wisely and perfecting music just takes way too much time for my OCD mindset.

One of my favorite things about making music was that it often introduced me to artists more talented than I can possibly imagine. One of those run-ins happened to be with the amazing singer Roeh. She is out of this world! When she told me she wanted to use not one, but TWO of my beats on her debut album I of course jumped at the opportunity. Def check out the rest of the album too! And if you like it, buy it so you can support her and her family as she chases her dreams.

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